Video interpreting allows NZSL users to communicate with hearing people in the same room using a qualified NZSL interpreter.

Use Video Interpreters for Free with VIS

A video interpreter is a great option for in-person meetings. If you want to choose a different interpreter than you were assigned, you can reschedule the meeting to a time when another interpreter is available.

How do I book a session?

The best way to book an interpreter is in advance. You can get one in an emergency, but it’s better to schedule one before your appointment if possible. Schedule an interpreter.

When should I book a video interpreter?

If you would like a NZSL interpreter for a meeting, a remote video interpreter is a good solution. With VIS you have access to qualified interpreters, no matter where you are.

When can I use a video interpreter?

You can use an interpreter anywhere you want on Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 0800 to 2000.