About Us

Who are nzvis.co.nz?

We’re a bunch of online casino enthusiasts who play regularly, and who enjoy the experience so much we want you to join in! We reckoned there was space for a resource on New Zealand online casinos, and we were right!

Why Should I Check in with nzvis.co.nz?

We have the best experience and knowledge of the New Zealand online casinos, so you’ll find the most up to date and relevant information at nzdcasinos.co.nz and it’s updated all the time.

Do I Need a Credit Card to Use NZD?

No! There are no payments. You’re just going to get the most detailed, easy to understand explanations about all things to do with online casinos! We’re here to help, not to take your money – you need that to play and win!

Does nzvis.co.nz cover all NZ Online Casinos?

We try to, but as with all online markets there are always new names coming into the frame. But don’t worry, we keep our eyes open to all news and developments in the online casino world, and we’ll be right on it when a fresh casino opens its doors! You’ll hear about it first at nzdcasinos.co.nz!

What Slots Does nzvis.co.nz Recommend?

The ones where you stand the best chance of winning! Seriously, the FAQs isn’t the place to recommend individual slots, but if you follow us you’ll find that we keep bang up to date with the latest releases, developments in technology and all aspects of the online casino, so you’re in the right place for the latest news.