How Quickly Will I Get My Payment?

Each online casino has its own payment schedules, times and amounts, and there is also the factor of your bank, card or other withdrawal method. It is also worth noting that your first ever withdrawal may be held for a few days as a security measure, while future withdrawals will be quicker. Usually, the more popular and established online casinos pay within 24 or 48 hours.

What Withdrawal Methods Can I Use?

While it is not always the case, the withdrawal method will most likely be the same as that you used to make your deposit. This can be a debit or credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet or other, as determined by the individual casino. Always check before you sign up that your payment and withdrawal method is an accepted one.

What are the Withdrawal Charges at a Fast Payout Casino?

While some NZ online casinos will levy a small charge for withdrawing your winnings, usually as an administration and processing fee, most allow for free withdrawals, hence it is worth reading the terms carefully.

How Do I Find the Best Fast Payout Online Casino?

We hope that the above guide should help you understand the factors you need to consider, and we also recommend that you read all the reviews you can about fast withdrawal online casinos and look for chat boards where experienced players visit. Do take some time to do your research as it will help you stand a better chance of success.

What are the Best Games for Fast Payout at Online Casinos?

Every casino will offer a choice of table, card and slot games, and each will result in the winnings going into your casino account. As you withdraw from your account to your card or bank, the payment time is the same whether you win on a slot, at roulette or at the card table.