How do I find the best online casino NZ bonuses?

Follow our guides, research all the casinos and talk to other players, and you will find that there is a vast choice for you to consider. Set a budget that you want to start with and look for a casino that matches up to that amount at least 100% and offers free spins.

Are there any NZ online casinos that don’t have a wagering requirement?

There are several that allow you to play free spins with no wagering requirement, but they will restrict the games you can play. These are still worth checking out, as it is a genuine way to play for free.

When can I withdraw my winnings?

When you meet the wagering requirements set out in the casino terms and conditions. You will find this as, for example, ‘25x wagering requirement’ – meaning you have to ‘play through’ your bonus to the tune of 25 times its value before you can withdraw. This includes repeated play of winnings from your bonus.

Are the big-name casinos the best for bonuses?

There are a number of well-known worldwide online casinos available to NZ players, but also a lot of smaller niche sites, many of which are for NZ players only. The smaller casinos often offer very good sign-up bonuses and incentives, so they are worth a look. All casinos we list are above board and licenses and accept NZ dollars.

What should I set my initial deposit at?

This is up to you! We recommend that if you are new to the online casino world you start with a $20 deposit, as this should get you enough playing time to get a feel for things. Remember, you can sign up at as many casinos you want, so if you don’t like the first one there are more to try.